Read what owners of these prints have to say about them!
"The beautiful 4-color print of our Santa Barbara Mission painting has been hung in our Santa Barbara, California home! It is very much appreciated. We drive past the Mission at least once a day. It is very meaningful to us. We appreciate the Letter of Authenticity.

Thanks again,"

Charles Peters
Santa Barbara, California

"I love the San Juan Capistrano Mission print! The colors are so vivid (the reproductions on the web site do not do it justice). I've already picked the wall in my living room where it will hang (it's at the framers now). I showed it to a couple of my friends on the way to the framers. They thought it was beautiful. Thank you for sending the certificate of authenticity."

Nancy Shaffer
Henderson, Nevada

"I am normally skeptical of most things you can get from the Internet, but the quality of the print that I got really surprised me. I would put it up against other prints that some of my family members have paid four times as much for.

Thank you for surprising me."

Curt Weaver
Bellingham, Washington

"Yes, I have received your painting and am having it framed. Currently, I am a professor of geology here at Westark College. I am going to put this painting up on a wall in my office. I consider the San Luis Obispo area one of the world's most scenic places. This painting will serve as a reminder to me that if I work hard enough and am successful in my profession, perhaps someday I will be able to live there.

Again, thank you."

Dr. Arthur C. Lee
Westark College
Fort Smith, Arkansas


"We selected the mission San Juan Capistrano painting. When it was delivered we were pleasantly surprised at the qality of the product. The paper it is printed on is of very good quality and the painting itself is great. It is one of the best reproductions I have seen lately. We are hanging it in our formal dining room for all our guests to see.

Thanks again,"

John Cornett
Sacramento, California

"Mission painting is fantastic. I have been shopping for just the right frame, but I believe my husband is making one special for this beautiful print.

Thank you again so much,"

Linda Cover
Belton, Texas

"We really love the painting. The picture in our bedroom above the bed needed to be replaced, we were getting tired of it. So when our mission painting arrived it fit perfectly into the old frame. Boy, what a difference the new picture makes. It gives the room a very happy and peaceful feeling. Living in the Canadian Maritimes we have never visited a Mission in California, but we have heard about them and seen documentaries about them on TV. Also being Jewish does not create a conflict with a Catholic Mission Painting. It is the beauty of the picture and the feeling from it that has attracted us to it."

Marlies Cohen
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada